Writing on the Side

Holy Moly! I’m Writing a Book!

As explained on my Bio page, my lifetimes ambitions are: own big dogs, and write mystery books. I did the easy one first. :-)

But this week, I am heading to New York for a writer’s conference, where I will have a chance to pitch my (in progress) novel to Real Live Agents.

This is the introduction business card that I will hand out to those who ask.



The Challenge of the Blank Page


I think this is the best line I have ever written. So far. :-)

It comes from a poem about the challenge of the blank page. The rest of the poem is not up to this standard! LOL

Writing on the Side

It seemed like a good idea at the time – get established, buy a house and a car, settle into a job, and then write on the side. I have a good life, and no regrets, but I haven’t done a lot of the writing that I meant to.

Like adults everywhere, I have found that ” being established” takes over, and there isn’t enough energy left to do the stuff I thought I would.

But every day when you wake up, you’re a new person — and you can’t go back to the person you were before. So there won’t be a better time than now.

(I feel very fortunate that “Writing on the Side” was an available domain name. I think it’s an excellent name for this blog! Magical thinking, I know… but maybe it’s a Good Sign.)