“Outgoing” is a Skillset

Even people who think they know me quite well would be surprised to learn how introverted I really am.

I have adapted very well to my work environment, where I need to be out front, beating the drum and waving the flag. People no doubt think I live for that.

Well, I do sort of like it. :-)

But when I arrive back home, I collapse in on myself and rest.

Nearly all my pursuits are solitary, or include my husband and our dogs only. And my writer is a very solitary creature, and feeds off the energy that I only produce when I am alone.

Most of the people I interact with have no idea that I write novels in my spare time. I wouldn’t mind their interest, but I’d rather hold the spotlight than stand in it.

Over my career I have given a great deal to producing “success energy” and I sometimes wonder how much of what I really value has been sacrificed without my knowing it.